Trellis Posts & Anchors

Our agricultural engineers have created a variety of drilling and anchoring products designed with orchard and vineyard farmers in mind. Our products are quality made and soil condition tested, so you can trust that they will stand the test of time.

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Soil Anchors

TrellX soil anchors are designed and engineered to be reusable. Did you decide to change plans for an orchard site? Need to change row spacing for an alternative block design? Why not move your capital to another location and take your investment with you? No problem using TrellX screw anchors; they’re fast and efficient.

Rock Anchors

Rock anchors are drilled and secured using state-of-the-art technology for bedrock, basalt, river rock, and hardpan soils. They are designed to be installed in the toughest conditions when rocks present challenges. Typical install time: 3-5 minutes.

Coming Soon - Concrete Posts

TrellX will begin offering prestressed concrete posts in 2023. Custom lengths are available in standard sizes for vineyards, apples, citrus, and more. These kit-based systems offer superb longevity and strength for multiple applications. Contact us for more information about pricing and availability.

Steel Posts

TrellX orchard fencing posts are made from Magnelis high-quality steel with exceptional corrosion resistance. Choose from three available sizes: 4”, 2.5” and 1.75”. Lengths available between 6-38ft. Holes can be added at no additional cost. 

Available Steel Post Parts System