Agricultural Engineering & Trellis Systems
Custom Designed and Engineered to Solve Agriculture's Costly Challenges

About Us

Cost effective solutions to maximize fruit production

Trellx is an agricultural engineering company that specializes in designing and building trellis and anchoring systems that decrease labor costs and protect orchards, vineyards, and other crops from the elements. Our specialty equipment economically installs anchors, endposts, and midpost assemblies in all soil classes and materials, even challenging rock.

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Post & Anchor Drilling

Big jobs require specialized machinery

Our state-of-the-art boring equipment quickly and economically installs posts and anchors. TrellX provides drilling services for any type of rock and soil condition with custom posthole sizes available.

Orchard & Vineyard Trellis Systems

Protect your crops & maximize your investment with a custom-engineered trellis system. Need special row or planting spacing? TrellX will work with your orchard or vineyard needs.

Agricultural Engineering

Providing cost-effective agricultural design and engineering services

Growers face significant challenges when determining post spacing, material strength, and costs associated with complex agricultural systems. Our agricultural engineers consult on trellis design, orchard and vineyard site evaluations, retrofit analysis, material selection, and new project feasibility to help you make data-driven decisions about your project.

TrellX is leading the way in agricultural research and innovation

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