About TrellX

The mission of TrellX is to provide risk-free trellis systems that meet the ever-changing and evolving demands for horticulture production.

What is TrellX?

How it all started

TrellX was founded in 2015 by Agricultural Engineer Mark De Kleine (B.S., M.S.- Mich. St. Univ.; Ph.D- Wash. St. Univ.) to develop engineering guidelines for horticulture trellis planning. The engineering standards developed by TrellX have been used by growers worldwide to provide better risk management decisions when choosing trellis structures and anchoring systems. TrellX has been providing engineering, design, and installation services to customers in North America, South America, Canada, and Europe ever since.

What we do
Our team of engineers and equipment operators provides cost-effective trellis solutions while driving innovation to meet growers’ demands. We reduce capital project risk, deliver quality products and services, and continuously improve our systems to offer the best products and services to our customers.

What is the process when working with TrellX?


Understanding your project and budget.
TrellX team members will meet with you and/or your team to understand your needs. We listen, evaluate, and make recommendations that align with your goals and budget.


Talking you through the project details.
Whether you have a standard implementation or something more novel, we leverage our past experiences to make your trellis solutions easy to understand and implement.


Installation of your system
When it comes to installation, we work with you to schedule our part at the right time in the greater installation process. TrellX is committed to customer service and direct communication.